Olympic Peninsula - LABOR DAY WEEKEND 2016

A long weekend? Tickets purchased!


We flew into Seattle and rented a Subaru (not until we returned our first choice because the seats didn't recline all the way) and took off for the Olympic Peninsula. We backpacked and camped on third beach (which we thought was second beach... that's what we get for hiking in the dark!) , explored the Hoh rainforest, saw lots of deer at Hurricane Ridge & car camped by a rushing river that we didn't know was there until sunrise. We ended our quick trip with a hotel stay in the city of Seattle. 

Crescent Lake  

Early morning views from third beach: my wet hiking boots, a sliver of the Pacific Ocean and a whole lot of fog  

We went and explored around Crescent Lake three different times in the two days we were there... I'm in love with it.

Hiking around Hurricane Ridge


A Frame spotting!

From the tent during blue hour... Not a bad sight to wake up to.

Exploring the famous Washington forest roads (perhaps only famous to this Southern California resident) 

Sunrise from La Push

Product shot for Calypte Collection 

Franks taking in the view

Stormy Seattle from our way in on the Bainbridge ferry! 



We went to explore Southeastern Utah over 4th of July weekend. We drove from Los Angeles, stopping in Nevada for a night. We woke up early and then drove to and spent the following few days between Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon - camping wherever we saw fit after the sun went down. I fell in love with BLM land and learned how hard it is to hike with all my gear, but I have a hard time parting with my dslr & my random choice of analog camera for every adventure.